Meet Adrian Budha – BLC Running for Life Marathon Team Member

The BLC is the first AIDS Service Organization to be chosen by the the Boston Athletic Association to be an official charity for the Boston Marathon®. The past two years we have had fantastic teams of runners raise over $150,000 for the BLC. Our 2010 team is shaping up to be a great group. Over the next few weeks we’re going to be introducing you to the runners, this week meet:

Adrian, who ran for the BLC last year has returned to run again!

Adrian Budhu
Hometown: South End of Boston, MA — but, I grew up in Guyana, South America.
Ever run a marathon before? Yes. This will be my 4th.
Favorite post race snack? Banana and Lemon-Lime Gatorade
Most exciting thing about running the Boston Marathon? The energy from the crowd. They are all there to see us cross the finish line.
I can’t run a marathon without my… Lip Balm (I’m addicted to that stuff)
What does running for the BLC mean to you? A place of hope and community.
How are you training for the Marathon? Running in cold weather – along the Charles and around the neighborhoods in Boston. Look for the guy in the orange beanie and big smile. 🙂
Favorite song to get you up Heartbreak Hill? No song. Just the sound and cheers of the crowd. It really motivates you to keep going.


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