Meet Will Cribby – BLC Running for Life Marathon Team Member

Meet Will Cribby. Will is running the Boston Marathon as part of the BLC’s Running for Life Marathon Team

Hometown: South Portland, ME but currently calling Dorchester homeJ

Ever run a marathon before? This will be my first marathon.

Favorite post race snack? Peanut butter and bananas…yum!

Most exciting thing about running the Boston Marathon? I have volunteered for the Boston Marathon the past two years helping with baggage return for the runners with a group of students I work with at Mount Ida College. The energy and sense of accomplishment was visible with all the runners we helped. I feel it will be exciting for my students to greet me at the finish and be able to congratulate someone they know.

I can’t run a marathon without my…IPod…can I wear one?

What does running for the BLC mean to you? It gives my achievement a bigger purpose, not only will I be running my first marathon but I will be running to make a difference for an important non-profit organization in Boston. I know that the money raised will be used to continue to provide much needed meals, services and programs for the BLC members.

How are you training for the Marathon? I have started training with my partner who is also on the team. We are working in some long runs on weekends(have already done a few 13+ mile runs) and will be joining the L Street Running Club or the Brookline running Club in the near future to get some shorter runs in during the week.

Favorite song to get you up Heartbreak Hill? All Fired Up by Pat Benatar, a motivational flashback from the eighties. This song has helped push me for years.


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