Introducing Kristin Lash: BLC Running for Life Marathon Team Member

BLC volunteer and marathon team member Kristin Lash

Kristin is a long time volunteer massage therapist here at the BLC. Welcome to the team!

Hometown: Monroe, CT – just moved to Marblehead about a month ago (in time for a good Nor’easter!)

Ever run a marathon before? Nope!

Favorite post race snack? A big bowl of steel cut oats with a super ripe, frozen banana and a big scoop of crunchy peanut butter with ground flaxseeds.

Most exciting thing about running the Boston Marathon? The build-up in training and the suspense leading up to Marathon Monday is really exciting, but I think the fact that I know firsthand what and who will benefit from my fundraising and efforts is the best part.

I can’t run a marathon without my…iPod nano! I use the camera on it to take videos of some of my running routes, so that I can show my friends and family. I’m also never to be found without chapstick or my inhaler.

What does running for the BLC mean to you? I’ve been volunteering at the BLC for about a year as a massage therapist and I always wanted to be able to contribute on a larger scale. So when the opportunity came about to run the marathon as part of the BLC team – I didn’t need to think twice. Being able to wake up super early, challenge myself and run with a purpose is extremely gratifying. I try to imagine the starting line, the hills, and what it will feel like to run past the BLC’s cheer squad toward the finish line and it helps me power through my runs – especially on the icky days.

How are you training for the Marathon? Carefully! I’m doing an 18-week program with four days of running, one day of cross training and two rest days. I’m also doing some core and strength training, and of course – I’m getting a lot of massages!

Favorite song to get you up Heartbreak Hill? It’s too hard to pick just one! I would have to say my current, pavement-pounding go-to songs are: “Best of You” by the Foo Fighters, anything by Rage Against the Machine, Lincoln Park, Beastie Boys or the Canadian fiddler, Ashley MacIssac and “Hard Sun” by Eddie Vedder (that’s the current fave!).


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