Expression Yourself Art Class- Halloween edition – By Abigail Thompson

Kitty Pumpkin
Wonderful pumpkin created by BLC Member

It is a crisp and beautiful Friday. The Living Center is as busy as ever. Today in the free expression art class, taught by Juan, Halloween spirit is in the air. The members are pumpkin painting, and the table filled with pumpkins are causing quite a bit of traffic in the art studio. Members stop in their tracks to look at the spooky creations. Using the center’s new paints and perfectly shaped pumpkins, the orange orbs begin to take on a life of their own. Sharing ideas for pumpkin creation and stories of Halloween’s past, it seems everyone’s spirits are bright today. Glitter appears to be the theme of the patch, with scary, happy and colorful pumpkins finished with beautiful, sparkling glitter. Juan’s class is attracting all sorts of visitors, and almost everyone has at least paused to take a look at the spectacle. “There’s a pumpkin in here with your name on it!” he encourages passerby’s to stop in and make a pumpkin of their own. Everyone is in the best of spirits at the Boston Living Center this Halloween, and talk about the Monday October 31st special Halloween dinner is filling the room.

On Ocotber the 31st, those who came to the center in costume entered a raffle to win prizes. The center was adorned in spooky decorations and stocked with cider and candy apples.  Halloween is a holiday that is not to be missed at the Boston Living Center! 

BU School of Medicine Volunteers helped serve Monday Night Dinner in costume!

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