Meet our new summer intern, Julie!

Julie is an intern at the BLC for the summer of 2015.

Hi everyone! I’m excited to be here at the Boston Living Center. I grew up in Chicago and am a rising sophomore at Dartmouth College. This is my first time living in Boston and I’m enjoying being a tourist here. In my free time, I like to read, ride my bike, go to concerts, and eat!

I am interning at the BLC through the Boston Community Health program at the Tucker Foundation for service, spirituality, and social justice. This program places 8 students at healthcare-related agencies throughout the Boston area and I was fortunate enough to have been placed at our wonderful BLC! I have been learning a lot about the healthcare system in Boston from my fellow interns as they tell me about the organizations they have been interning with. We’ve all been surprised by how many different aspects there are to healthcare that we hadn’t considered much before – like housing and nutrition.

At Dartmouth, I am majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I’m especially interested in technological advancements in healthcare, so I’ve been fascinated by the discussions I’ve had at the BLC about medications and current research. I hope that my time at the BLC will introduce me to some of the obstacles to improving health care, especially those beyond a primary care setting. I am sure that the BLC, with its dedication to support and education, will be a fulfilling experience. I would also like to get to know some members and to have felt like I have made a positive impact during my internship. I look forward to the rest of the summer here at the BLC!


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