A Belated Introduction: Meet our new summer intern, Amrit !

Amrit is a Community Health intern at the BLC for the summer of 2016

Hi all! This is Amrit here with a very belated, formal introduction. I am a Community Health Intern here at the Boston Living Center and I can’t believe it’s already August! I am a rising sophomore at Dartmouth College, originally from a suburb of Philadelphia, and have had an amazing time at the BLC and in Boston so far. This is my first time living in a big city and I’ve really enjoyed “playing-adult” with my roommates. In my free time I like to read, work out, play field hockey, cook, and explore the sights!

I got the opportunity to intern at the BLC this summer through the Boston Community Health Internship Program at Dartmouth, sponsored by the Dartmouth Center for Service. My co-interns and I were placed at various non-profit, community health organizations across the city and I was lucky enough to end up at the BLC! All of us have gained experiences that could never have been replicated back in Hanover, working directly with diverse populations, confronting issues and policies that are unique to Boston and Massachusetts, and being surrounded by world-class healthcare and medical professionals. My time at the BLC has taught me a lot about how all of these aspects of healthcare come together and the Center itself is its own very comprehensive, microcosm of the services out there so I am very grateful for my placement here.

At Dartmouth I intend to major in Anthropology and am a pre-med student. My eventual ambition is to attend medical school and go into global health policy and I can already see how my time at the BLC has positively influenced by hopeful future career path. Previously I was just intrigued by global health, with no real inclination of what specific issues I may want to delve into, but the education and experiences I have had at the BLC so far have definitely piqued my interest in chronic diseases. In my time here so far, I have especially enjoyed interacting with members and hearing about their thoughts and experiences, about both their lives and the disease. I firmly believe that policy makers should hear first hand about the experiences of the people that they are representing and attempting to help and having the opportunity to get close to members here is really invaluable. I have already gained so much from my time at the BLC and am looking  forward to learning much more from the incredible staff and members here. I hope I can positively impact the community here with my work, as a huge thank you for all that you have already done for me! I will talk to you on here again soon!

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