Welcome Suruchi

suruchi_biopicHello! This is me Suruchi, your new social work intern at the Victory Programs’ Boston Living Center. I am an international student from Nepal, I am pursuing my Masters in Social Work at Boston College School of Social Work. I am a traveler and a nature lover. I am also interested in exploring new places, different cultures and food, working on diverse issues of our community and incorporating all my experience into storytelling.

I was born in a rural village in Nepal and have lived 23 years of my life in proximity with my family and community. I am 24 now and studying in Boston with the dream to pursue my Masters and then a PhD as well as learn and serve diverse community and people during this span of time.

Working for BLC is an opportunity for me to learn and be a part of something I have never done. This is completely different from the work I did. Over the past years, I have worked with diverse groups and populations on different issues which involved education and food security for children who are vulnerable to social injustice issues like the orphans, children in poverty, children in slums and children of prisoners, human rights issues, welfare of women and children, youth empowerment and community development. Working with HIV population is core objective of my internship. In my country, it is one of our burning health issues as well as a societal issue. In fact, HIV related stigma is very prevalent and the need to work on this is great.. Being a part of Victory Programs at BLC, I see this as a way to connect and learn with the population who are supporting the needs of the HIV population and as well as contribute to the vision of building healthier lives in the HIV/AIDs community.

. I am hopeful that I will learn a lot from everyone here and work on the vision and delivery of the services of BLC.I would be grateful to be at your service in any way possible.